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Volume 89, #4

Fall 2016

Nation, Nationalism,
and Sport: Fijian Rugby in
the Local-Global Nexus

by Daniel Guinness & Niko Besnier

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Mission Statement
While continuing to publish outstanding data-driven anthropology and articles that advance anthropological theory, AQ also asks intellectuals to contribute to on-going public debates relevant to contemporary experiences. We believe that it is important for anthropologists to focus on public debates, not only because we live and work in societies that face the challenges of such varied problems as war, racism, poverty, nationalism, globalization, human rights, and the social, legal, and ethical implications of new genetic technologies, but because we need to add our voices to discourse dominated by journalists and a very small number of public intellectuals.

New conditions in the world require new tools. Global changes in the flow of money, ideas, and people have necessitated new vocabularies, with terms like transnationalism and globalization appearing in anthropological analyses of even the smallest and most well-bounded communities in the world. New conditions also require new opportunities for publication, so while we will continue to publish first-rate peer-reviewed articles, AQ will also publish one additional peer-reviewed section of essays, “Social Thought & Commentary,” and a New Release Book Review section in which reviews of selected books are published in the same quarter the book was released, as opposed to the tradition in which reviews appear sometimes years after the book was published.