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SAFARI 2000 MAPSS MOD04_L2 Aerosol Summary Data for Southern Africa

Data Set Overview

Data setSAFARI 2000 MAPSS MOD04_L2 Aerosol Summary Data for Southern Africa
Release date2005-10-03
ProjectSAFARI 2000 (S2K)
Time Period2000-02-26 to 2001-12-31


The MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) Atmosphere Group develops remote sensing algorithms for deriving sets of atmospheric parameters from MODIS radiance data. These parameters can be integrated into conceptual and predictive global models. MODIS Atmosphere Products Subset Statistics (MAPSS) are generated over important locations around the world, as one of the ways to increase the scope of application of the MODIS atmospheric parameters. This MAPSS data set contains daily time series of the MODIS MOD04_L2 aerosol product over seventeen (17) AERONET sunphotometer measurement sites in southern Africa for the period February 26, 2000, through December 31, 2001. The process of generating the statistics involves identifying these locations on the MODIS MOD04_L2 product, extracting the values of the pixel corresponding to each coordinate point as well as surrounding pixels falling within a 50 x 50 km box centered on the coordinate point. The data files are stored as ASCII tables in comma-separated-value (.csv) format. There is one file per site per year for each of the following variables: cloud fraction (land); cloud fraction (ocean); particle effective radius (ocean); optical depth (land and ocean); optical depth (land, corrected); optical depth (ocean, effective average); and optical depth ratio (small ocean).


Data set reference document


Ichoku, C., Y.J. Kaufman, and L.A. Remer. 2005. SAFARI 2000 MAPSS MOD04_L2 Aerosol Summary Data for Southern Africa. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
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SAFARI 2000 (S2K): The SAFARI 2000 project was an international science initiative to study the linkages between land and atmosphere processes in the southern African region. In addition, SAFARI 2000 examined the relationship of biogenic, pyrogenic, and anthropogenic emissions and the consequences of their deposition to the functioning of the biogeophysical and biogeochemical systems of southern Africa. This initiative, which was conducted in 1999-2001, was built around a number of ongoing, already-funded activities by NASA, the international community, and African nations in the southern African region.

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