THE CEOS DATABASE : Missions, Instruments and Measurements
Welcome to the CEOS Missions, Instruments and Measurements database online.

This database is updated annually based on a survey of CEOS member space agencies and has a number of applications.
  • Information sharing in support of the coordination of future Earth observation mission, instrument and measurements plans.
  • Earth observation measurement gap analysis - including that performed by the CEOS Systems Engineering Office (SEO).
  • A connection between the Earth observation user community and satellite-operating agencies of CEOS.
  • Generation of content for the print edition of The Earth Observation Handbook.
The most recent update of the database was completed in October 2016.
Agencies Agency table with links to agency summary pages.
Missions Table Searchable mission table with links to mission and instrument summary pages.
Index An alphebetical list with links to mission summary pages.
Instruments Table Searchable instrument table with links to instrument and mission summary pages.
Index An alphebetical list with links to instrument summary pages.
Measurements Overview An overview of the measurement categories and detailed measurements indexed in the database.
Timelines Customizable measurement timelines with links to mission summary pages.
Climate Overview An overview of satellite contributions to climate monitoring in support of GCOS.
Index An index of GCOS Essential Climate Variables linked to actions, status, and satellite measurements.
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