SHARAD/MARSIS Data User's Workshop

2014/03/16 in Montgomery Ballroom A at The Woodlands Marriott


Time Topic Presenter(s)
15:00 Introduction to SHARAD and MARSIS  
15:00 Instrument basics, radargrams, time-to-depth Phillips, Plaut
15:20 SHARAD processing (ionospheric delays, focusing) Campbell, Gim
15:40 Introduction to MARSIS; MARSIS processing Plaut
15:55 Deriving permittivity and loss tangent from radar Nunes
16:05 Surface clutter and simulations Holt
16:20 Open discussion  
16:30 Case Studies  
16:30 Polar studies Smith
16:40 Mid-latitude volcanics Carter
16:50 Lobate debris aprons Plaut
17:00 Intermission (10 min)  
17:10 Accessing SHARAD and MARSIS Data  
17:10 NASA Planetary Data System (PDS) Bennett
17:25 JMARS and ESA Planetary Science Archive (PSA) Plaut
17:40 Open discussion  
17:50 Targeting, Processing, and Interpretation of Radar Data  
17:50 Requesting & planning SHARAD observations Egan
18:05 The CO-SHARPS Processing Boutique Putzig
18:20 SeisWare™ interpretation software Putzig
18:30 Landmark™ interpretation software Holt, Brothers
18:40 Using MATLAB™ as interpretation software MacGregor, Holt
18:50 Open discussion & wrap up  
19:00 Adjourn