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PSD's Approach to Data Management Plans (DMPs) and ROSES Data Management Plans for PDS Archiving are the presentations shown at the "Writing Data Archive Plans Workshop" held at the LPSC Monday, March 21, 2016.

Welcome to the PDS

Image of types of planetary objects

The PDS archives and distributes scientific data from NASA planetary missions, astronomical observations, and laboratory measurements. The PDS is sponsored by NASA's Science Mission Directorate. Its purpose is to ensure the long-term usability of NASA data and to stimulate advanced research. All PDS data are publicly available and may be exported outside of United States under "Technology and software Publicly Available" (TSPA) classification. Learn more about PDS.

If you are preparing a proposal in response to NASA New Frontiers Announcement of Opportunity (AO), you can start here.

If you are an individual proposer preparing a proposal to a NASA Research and Analysis (R&A) program, you can start from here.

If you're beginning a new archiving project, you must use PDS4 and you can start from here.

If you're developing a dataset in response to Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration and Tools (PDART), you can start from here.

If you're developing a dataset in response to SMALL INNOVATIVE MISSIONS FOR PLANETARY EXPLORATION (SIMPLEx) , you can start from here.


Students & Educators

The PDS is mainly designed for scientists researching the planets. While you may find what you are looking for here, you are usually better off visiting one of the sites below, or another of the related sites.

Planetary Photojournal A searchable collection of press release images from NASA planetary missions.
Map a Planet Create maps of many of the planets of our solar system, with customizable locations and scale.
Cassini Rings Images A Month-By-Month Gallery of Cassini images of Saturn's Ring System.

International Planetary Science Data Archives

Planetary Science Archive An archive containing planetary science data results from ESA missions.