Data Search

This interface allows the user to search the holdings of the PDS archive. Results from a search include links to related archive information, search tools and data sets available from the PDS archive. In addition to PDS data, the results also include links to data sets curated by the European Space Agency.


Begin your search with one of the quick searches on the left, or try any of the following:

  • A target name like mars or eros
  • An instrument name or type like spectrometer or laser altimeter or MOLA
  • A target body type like asteroid
  • A word or phrase to find in the description of a data set or search tool

You can further refine your query by:

  • Use quotation marks to bind words that occur together, e.g. "mars express"
  • Specifying a search field before the word to search, e.g. target:mars
    • The legal search fields are target:, instrument:, investigation:, instrument-type:
  • Inserting logical operator OR or AND, e.g. target:uranus OR target:neptune