Other Tools

The PDS is developing new tools to help in finding, using and preparing PDS data. You can participate in the beta testing process by trying out these new tools and providing us feedback to improve them. In addition to the tools undergoing beta testing, we have some miscellaneous tools and legacy tools, that may help you work with PDS data.

Beta Tools

  • Table Explorer is a visualization tool for viewing, filtering, and downloading PDS tabular data.

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Product Tools Library, a library of software classes to support the development of tools to perform design/generation, validation and submission of archival products to the PDS.
  • Catalog Ingest Tool (CITool), an application for comparing, validating and ingesting catalog submissions.
  • PDS-to-JPEG Converter, a simple utility that converts an 8-bit PDS image into a JPEG image for ease of viewing.
  • Keyword Report Tool (KRTool), an application that searches for and reports a list of statements, in PDS labeled data products, that match a user-supplied list of keywords.

Legacy Tools

  • PDS Tools Package, a suite of tools and libraries for low-level creation and access to PDS data.
  • Bulk Downloader, an application that provides the capability to download any number of PDS products via the PDS-Distribution (PDS-D) infrastructure.