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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
Geosciences Node Data
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The Geosciences Node archives data related to the study of moons and planets of the inner Solar System. The navigation bar on the left side of each page has links to data sets grouped by planet, mission, and instrument. Click the links to expand the list and locate the data of interest.

Another way to locate data is to start at the list of all Geosciences Node data holdings, where data sets are listed in alphabetical order by mission and instrument name.


Some datasets have customized search tools to help the user select and view data products.
Analyst's Notebooks - provide access to landed mission data archives by integrating sequence information, engineering and science data, and documentation into standard web-accessible pages.
Orbital Data Explorers - provide search, display, and download tools for orbital data integrated across instruments, missions, and nodes.
PDS Geosciences Spectral Library - a collection of laboratory spectra of Earth, lunar, and meteorite materials to be used to compare to flight measurements. The tool allows searching of spectra based on the material classification and other parameters.
Virtual Astronaut - an interactive 3D environment that allows you to explore and view the Martian landscape as an astronaut working with a rover, using data from orbital and landed missions.
Odyssey GRS Data Node - provides custom-generated GRS data products tailored to the user's specifications.
TES Data Node - provides a search tool for the MGS TES Data Archive. Constrain search by position, orbit number, scan length, time of day, atmospheric conditions, and observation type.
Anonymous FTP Access - explains how to download Geosciences Node data using FTP.
Geosciences Node Site - If the data set you want is not online, contact us at


Workshops - the Geosciences Node hosts workshops to help users learn more about particular data sets.

Receiving PDS Release Announcements

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