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Mars Exploration Program

NASA's Mars Exploration Program includes MGS, Odyssey, MER, MRO, and future missions. The Mars Exploration Program Data Management Plan, written by the Geosciences Node, sets forth guidelines for Mars Exploration Program missions to use in generating their archive plans. The director of the Geosciences Node, Raymond Arvidson, is the MEP Interdisciplinary Scientist for Data and Archives.

This web page coordinates links to PDS archive web sites for MEP missions, and links to archive-related documents.

Mars Exploration Program Missions

Mars Global Surveyor

2001 Mars Odyssey

Mars Exploration Rovers

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter


Mars Science Laboratory


Expected Data Volumes and Data Access Requirements for Research and Public Engagement (Draft 0.2, 4/20/01, 89KB PDF file)

This document summarizes the large volumes of data expected from current and future MEP missions, and recommends new methods of distributing the data to the science community and the public.

MEP Data Management Plan (Version 4.0, revised 6/15/11, 443 KB PDF file)

This document sets forth guidelines for missions to follow in archiving data products, releasing data and information to the public, and working with other entities such as the Planetary Data System, the National Space Science Data Center, and the JPL Public Affairs Office. Each mission is responsible for generating its own archive plan, based on the guidelines in the Data Management Plan. Version 4.0 of this document is currently in signature cycle. 

MGS Archive Plan (2/11/99, 101 KB PDF file)
MGS Archive Plan Addendum (9/30/99, 22 KB PDF file)

2001 Mars Odyssey Archive Plan (4/16/03, 179 KB PDF file)

Mars Exploration Rovers Archive Plan (Rev. C, 7/22/06, 410 KB PDF file)

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Archive Plan (1/26/06, 134 KB PDF file)

Phoenix Archive Plan (4/17/08, 118 KB PDF file)

Other MEP missions are currently preparing similar Archive Plans, which will be posted here when they are finalized.


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