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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
Geosciences Node Data
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Magellan Compressed Mosaicked Image Data Record
(C1-, C2-, C3-MIDR)

C1-MIDRs are mosaics of compressed-resolution image swaths (C-BIDRs) covering selected areas of the planet. C2-MIDRs are twice-compressed mosaics, covering a larger area at less resolution. C3-MIDRs are three times compressed and cover large sections of the planet.

CD volumes MG_0001 through MG_0126 contain a mix of F-MIDRs and C1-, C2-, and C3-MIDRs. These volumes are available online.

Data Set Volumes

In the table below, click on the volume ID to get to the volume's top-level directory, from which you may access all the files. For an introduction to the volume, read the aareadme file in the top-level directory. To find the location of a specific data product, look in the cumulative index on the last volume.

mg_0001 mg_0002 mg_0003 mg_0004 mg_0005
mg_0006 mg_0007 mg_0008 mg_0009 mg_0010
mg_0011 mg_0012 mg_0013 mg_0014 mg_0015
mg_0016 mg_0017 mg_0018 mg_0019 mg_0020
mg_0021 mg_0022 mg_0023 mg_0024 mg_0025
mg_0026 mg_0027 mg_0028 mg_0029 mg_0030
mg_0031 mg_0032 mg_0033 mg_0034 mg_0035
mg_0036 mg_0037 mg_0038 mg_0039 mg_0040
mg_0041 mg_0042 mg_0043 mg_0044 mg_0045
mg_0046 mg_0047 mg_0048 mg_0049 mg_0050
mg_0051 mg_0052 mg_0053 mg_0054 mg_0055
mg_0056 mg_0057 mg_0058 mg_0059 mg_0060
mg_0061 mg_0062 mg_0063 mg_0064 mg_0065
mg_0066 mg_0067 mg_0068 mg_0069 mg_0070
mg_0071 mg_0072 mg_0073 mg_0074 mg_0075
mg_0076 mg_0077 mg_0078 mg_0079 mg_0080
mg_0081 mg_0082 mg_0083 mg_0084 mg_0085
mg_0086 mg_0087 mg_0088 mg_0089 mg_0090
mg_0091 mg_0092 mg_0093 mg_0094 mg_0095
mg_0096 mg_0097 mg_0098 mg_0099 mg_0100
mg_0101 mg_0102 mg_0103 mg_0104 mg_0105
mg_0106 mg_0107 mg_0108 mg_0109 mg_0110
mg_0111 mg_0112 mg_0113 mg_0114 mg_0115
mg_0116 mg_0117 mg_0118 mg_0119 mg_0120
mg_0121 mg_0122 mg_0123 mg_0124 mg_0125


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