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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
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ATM NTS Explosion Crater Observations

This data set contains Wallops/GSFC Airborne Topographic Mapper (WFF/ATM) digital elevation data of explosion craters at the Nevada Test Site (NTS). The data were provided by Tom Farr, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and archived by the PDS Geosciences Node.


Archive Contents

Root Directory - Start here for access to the entire volume. 

AAREADME.TXT - Introduction to the archive. Read this first.
VOLDESC.CAT - Description of the volume contents as a PDS catalog object.

INDEX Directory - The INDEX directory contains a PDS index file for this archive. An index file is an ASCII table with each record (or line) in the table containing information about a single data product in archive. See the file INDXINFO.TXT for additional details.

  • INDEX.TAB - A list of all data files in the archive. Use this file to browse the data. This file is described by the label INDEX.LBL.

DATA Directory - The DATA directory contains the data files and associated PDS labels.

CATALOG Directory - Files in the CATALOG directory are text files containing documentation formatted in PDS object description language. The files contain information about the Wallops Flight Facility, the Wallops/GSFC Airborne Topographic Mapper (ATM), the Nevada Test Site (NTS) data set, references, and personel involved in archiving the data. The contents of this directory are described in CATINFO.TXT.

DOCUMENT Directory - The DOCUMENT directory contains document files relating to this archive. The contents of this directory are described in DOCINFO.TXT.

BROWSE Directory - The BROWSE directory contains shaded relief renditions of the DEMs found in the data directory. The contents of this directory are described in BROWINFO.TXT.

EXTRAS  Directory - The EXTRAS directory contains maps and images of the Nevada Test Site (NTS) study areas. The contents of this directory are described in EXTRINFO.TXT.


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