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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
Geosciences Node Data
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Magellan Surface Characteristics Vector Data Record (SCVDR)

The Surface Characteristics Vector Data Record (SCVDR) is an orbit-by-orbit reduction of Magellan scattering and emission measurements carried out at Stanford University. The SCVDR includes near-nadir scattering functions obtained by numerical inversion from altimetry (ALT) echoes, results (e.g., rms surface slopes and Fresnel reflectivity) from fitting analytic functions to those inversions, scattering function segments at oblique incidence angles derived from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) echoes, and estimates of surface emissivity derived from thermal microwave radiometry (RAD) measurements. The SCVDR is one of several inputs to the Global Vector Data Record (GVDR), a gridded summary of scattering results, also produced at Stanford.

Click on the links to view files and directories in the data set. See below to download the data set with FTP.

Data Set Volumes

In the table below, click on the Volume ID to get to the volume's top-level directory, from which you may access all the files. For an introduction to the data set, read the aareadme.txt file in the top-level directory. More complete information is available in the PDS catalog description for the data set, in the file To find the location of a specific data product, look in the cumulative index table on the last volume, file

Volume Volume Notes   Volume Volume Notes
mg_2101 errata.txt   mg_2126 errata.txt
mg_2102 errata.txt   mg_2127 errata.txt
mg_2103 errata.txt   mg_2128 errata.txt
mg_2104 errata.txt   mg_2129 errata.txt
mg_2105 errata.txt   mg_2130 errata.txt
mg_2106 errata.txt   mg_2131 errata.txt
mg_2107 errata.txt   mg_2132 errata.txt
mg_2108 errata.txt   mg_2133 errata.txt
mg_2109 errata.txt   mg_2134 errata.txt
mg_2110 errata.txt   mg_2135 errata.txt
mg_2111 errata.txt   mg_2136 errata.txt
mg_2112 errata.txt   mg_2137 errata.txt
mg_2113 errata.txt   mg_2138 errata.txt
mg_2114 errata.txt   mg_2139 errata.txt
mg_2115 errata.txt   mg_2140 errata.txt
mg_2116 errata.txt   mg_2141 errata.txt
mg_2117 errata.txt   mg_2142 errata.txt
mg_2118 errata.txt   mg_2143 errata.txt
mg_2119 errata.txt   mg_2144 errata.txt
mg_2120 errata.txt   mg_2145 errata.txt
mg_2121 errata.txt   mg_2146 errata.txt
mg_2122 errata.txt   mg_2147 errata.txt
mg_2123 errata.txt   mg_2148 errata.txt
mg_2124 errata.txt   mg_2149 errata.txt
mg_2125 errata.txt      

Downloading with FTP

To download the entire data set or parts of it with FTP, use this URL:

Data Set Producer

This archive was produced by Peter Ford and Joan Quigley at MIT. The data and documentation were provided by Richard Simpson, Stanford University. Please direct any questions and comments to the PDS Geosciences Node,


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