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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
Geosciences Node Data
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Mars Global Surveyor

The Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) began its primary mission on March 9, 1999, and continued through a series of extended missions until November 2, 2006, when communication with the spacecraft was lost.

MGS carried these experiments:

  • MOLA - Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter
  • MOC - Mars Orbiter Camera
  • TES - Thermal Emission Spectrometer
  • MAG/ER - Magnetometer/Electron Reflectometer
  • RSS - Radio Science Subsystem
  • Accelerometer

The PDS Geosciences Node archives TES, MOLA, and Radio Science data. Other data sets are archived at other PDS Nodes.


Follow the instrument links above to find MGS data products online at the Geosciences Node or other PDS nodes.

Data from the MGS Primary Mission are also available on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM free of charge to NASA-funded investigators. Others may obtain them from the National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) for a nominal fee. For more information, contact us at

The MGS Science Sampler CD-ROM was released early in the mission to provide samples of the types of data products each instrument would generate.

Online Tools

Mars Orbital Data Explorer website Mars Orbital Data Explorer - Provides search, display, and download  tools for selected MGS data sets.


The MGS Archive Plan describes the generation, validation, and release of MGS science archives. (Feb. 11, 1999, 179 KB, PDF). The Addendum to the Archive Plan describes a revised plan for the release of mapping phase data (Sept. 30, 1999, xxx KB, PDF).

PDS Catalog information is archived along with the science data:

What's New

November 5, 2009. The TES Derived Thermal Inertia Maps archive has been released.

October 23, 2007. The TES Data Tool allows queries across the entire TES archive.

October 2, 2007. One additional raw Radio Science volume has been archived. This completes the MGS Radio Science collection.

June 18, 2007. The final delivery of reduced Radio Science data is online.

April 30, 2007. The final delivery of raw Radio Science data is online.

April 27, 2007. The final delivery of MOLA radiometry data is now online.

April 19, 2007: MGS MOLA polar planetary radius maps are now online.

February 6, 2007: New raw Radio Science data are released on volumes 2198-2224.

February 1, 2007: New TES data are released on volumes MGST_1419 through MGST_1425.

December 12, 2006: Several TES data products and documents have been revised on volumes MGST_1100 through MGST_1411. Please see the latest errata.txt file for details.


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