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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
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Imager for Mars Pathfinder 3-D Position Data

This derived data set consists of tables of three-dimensional spatial coordinates of each pixel in an IMP EDR stereo pair.  (IMP is the Imager for Mars Pathfinder, the stereo camera on the Mars Pathfinder lander.) The coordinates are derived from the Ames Stereo Pipeline, an automated machine vision algorithm that correlates features between the left and right images of stereo pairs to determine their disparity, then computes their position using the stereo camera properties.

Click on the links to view files and directories in the data set. See below to download the data set with FTP.

Data Set Contents

Root directory
Introduction (aareadme.txt)
Volume description (
Data directory
Data files are ASCII text tables containing 3-D spatial coordinates of each pixel in an IMP EDR stereo pair. At the beginning of each file is an attached PDS label that identifies the data and describes the columns in the table. File names have the format IxxxxxxxxxL_yyyyyyyyyy3D.TAB, where xxxxxxxxx is the spacecraft clock count and yyyyyyyyyy is the image ID of the left image in the original stereo pair.
Index directory
Index directory contents (indxinfo.txt)
Index of all products in the data set, as an ASCII text table (
PDS label that describes the columns in the index table (index.lbl)
Catalog directory (information about this data set from the PDS Catalog)
Catalog directory contents (catinfo.txt)
IMP 3-D Position data set description (
IMP instrument description (
Mars Pathfinder spacecraft description (
Mars Pathfinder mission description (
Personnel information (
Reference list (
Extras directory (supplementary material)
Extras directory contents (extrinfo.txt)
User's guide to files in the Extras directory (wrl_readme.pdf)
Files in this directory are models of the 3-D data in VRML-1 format, gzip-compressed (files named *.wrz), along with JPEG images for texture overlays (files named *.jpg).

Downloading with FTP

To download the entire data set or parts of it with FTP, use this URL:

Data Set Producer

This data set was produced by Dr. Carol Stoker, NASA Ames Research Center. It complies with Planetary Data System standards for archival data. Please direct any questions and comments to the PDS Geosciences Node,



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