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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
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MSX Lunar Eclipse Observations

This archive contains data acquired during observations of the lunar eclipse of September 27, 1996 by the Spatial Infrared Imaging Telescope (Spirit III) as part of the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX). These data were provided by Kathleen Kraemer, Air Force Research Laboratory, and assembled as a PDS archive by Jennifer Ward, PDS Geosciences Node.


Archive Contents

Root Directory - Start here for access to the entire volume. 

AAREADME.TXT - Introduction to the MSX Lunar Eclipse archive. Read this first.

INDEX Directory

  • INDXINFO.TXT - Tells what's in this directory.
  • INDEX.TAB - A text file listing all data files in the archive, in a table format suitable for loading into a spreadsheet.
  • INDEX.LBL - A PDS label that describes INDEX.TAB, including column definitions

DATA Directory - The data consist of three image cubes with detached PDS labels. For users who use ENVI image processing software, ENVI headers are provided as a convenience for reading the files.

DOCUMENT Directory

  • DOCINFO.TXT - Tells what's in this directory.
  • PRICE_ECLIPSED_MOON.PDF - "Infrared Observations of the Eclipsed Moon from Space" by Dr. Stephan D. Price, Air Force Research Laboratory, a presentation with annotations and references.
  • PRICE_ECLIPSED_MOON.HTM - An HTML version of the above document. Images for this HTML document are in the subdirectory PRICE_ECLIPSED_MOON_FILES.
  • PRICE_ECLIPSED_MOON.LBL - A PDS label that describes both versions of the document.

CATALOG Directory

  • CATINFO.TXT - Tells what's in this directory. All these files are ASCII text files.
  • MSX_LEO.CAT - Data set description.
  • SPIRIT3INST.CAT - Spirit III instrument description.
  • MSXHOST.CAT - MSX spacecraft (instrument host) description.
  • MSX.CAT - MSX mission description.
  • PERSON.CAT - Personnel associated with this archive volume.
  • REF.CAT - References mentioned in the above catalog files.


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