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LRO: Mini-RF

June 15, 2014. The Bistatic Radar data set has been completely revised, and new products have been added. This is now version 2 of the data set. See ERRATA.TXT for details.

Mini-RF is the Miniature Radio Frequency technology demonstration of a miniaturized multi-mode dual frequency dual polarization radar observatory. Mini-RF data sets are produced by the Mini-RF Science Team at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD.

Mini-RF Bistatic Radar Data

The Bistatic Radar data products are stored separately from other Mini-RF data sets.

Mini-RF Global Mosaics

The Global Mosaics are stored separately from other Mini-RF data sets. NOTE: This data set completed peer review on 10/8/14. It is now archived and classified as Certified Data by PDS. For definitions of these terms see our All Data Holdings page.

All Other Mini-RF Data Sets

Except for the Bistatic Radar and Global Mosaic data, all raw, calibrated and derived Mini-RF data are stored together, aggregated in groups of 100 orbits. Each directory of 100 orbits has subdirectories for raw, calibrated, derived, and housekeeping data as described below. The data are put online in multiple archive volumes in time order, as follows. Click the Volume ID below to go to that volume. The INDEX directory of each volume has both a volume-specific index and a cumulative index.

The Mini-RF archive includes these data sets:

Raw Data Products
PDR - Packetized Data Records
(Directories DATA/SAR/.../RAW and DATA/SAR/.../HOUSEKEEPING)
Calibrated Data Products
CDR - Calibrated Data Records
(Directory DATA/SAR/.../LEVEL1)
CDR-INSAR - Interferometric Calibrated Data Records -- to be released later
Derived Data Products
CDR-MAP - Map-Projected Calibrated Data Records
(Directory DATA/SAR/.../LEVEL2)
CDR-MOSAIC - Polar Mosaic Calibrated Data Records

Online Tools

Lunar Orbital Data Explorer Lunar Orbital Data Explorer - Provides search, display, and download  tools for LRO Mini-RF data.

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