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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
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Phoenix: TEGA

TEGA is the Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyzer on the Mars Phoenix Lander. TEGA data sets are produced by the TEGA Science Team at the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.

TEGA Data Sets

April 29, 2009. The TEGA EDR/RDR Archive Volume contains all ten raw (EDR) and derived (RDR) TEGA data sets. Release 3, the final data release for TEGA, includes EDR and RDR data through sol 151. It also includes the TEGA Calibration Report.


Raw Data Products (EDRs - Experiment Data Records)
EGAEDR - EGA detector currents
EGHEDR - EGA mass hopping counts
SCEDR - SC oven heating data
ENGEDR - Engineering data
LEDEDR - Oven fill data
MSGEDR - Instrument message log
Derived Data Products (RDRs - Reduced Data Records)
EGSRDR - EGA counts at each mass swept by the mass spectrometer as a time series
EGHRDR - Times and counts at masses scanned in mass hopping mode
SCRDR - SC time series data of oven and shield duty cycle durations within each of the time series slices
ENGRDR - Engineering data converted to engineering units as a time series

Geosciences Node Tools

Phoenix Analyst's Notebook - allows searching for TEGA data in the context of
mission planning and mission events.

Related Information

  • Read the TEGA Software Interface Specification (SIS) documents for information about the structure and content of TEGA products.  

  • The TEGA Calibration Report provides the critical information required to convert the raw data from the TEGA instrument into standard units, corrected for environmental effects and instrument behavior.


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