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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
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Mars Exploration Rovers: MER Data Sets Online at Geosciences

Maintenance of MER archives is divided among the Geosciences, Imaging, Atmospheres, and NAIF Discipline Nodes of the PDS.  The list below shows only those MER data sets that reside at Geosciences. For MER data sets that do not reside at Geosciences, use the tools on the previous page or visit the other Discipline Node web sites via links in the orange bar at the bottom of the page.

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Data Set Rover
APXS Operations EDRs Spirit Opportunity
APXS X-ray Spectra Science RDRs Spirit Opportunity
APXS Oxide Abundance Data Both
Mössbauer Operations EDRs Spirit Opportunity
Mössbauer Summed Spectra Science RDRs Spirit Opportunity
Mössbauer Relative Fe Abundance Data Both
Microscopic Imager Science Image EDRs Spirit Opportunity
Microscopic Imager Science Calibrated Image RDRs Spirit Opportunity
Mini-TES Science Radiance and Interferogram  EDRs Spirit Opportunity
Mini-TES Science Radiometrically Calibrated Radiance RDRs Spirit Opportunity
Mini-TES Science Brightness Temperature Records (BTRs) Spirit Opportunity
Mini-TES Science Emissivity Records (EMRs) Spirit Opportunity
Navcam Science Radiometrically Calibrated Image RDRs Spirit Opportunity
Pancam Science Image EDRs Spirit Opportunity
Pancam Science Radiometrically Calibrated Image RDRs, version 1 Spirit Opportunity
Pancam Science Radiometrically Calibrated Image RDRs, version 2
(Spirit sols 1-2209, Opportunity sols 1-4000)
Spirit Opportunity
Pancam Color Mosaics Spirit Opportunity
Pancam IOF Image Products Spirit Opportunity
Pancam Photometry Image Cubes (in PDS4) Both
Pancam Atmospheric Opacity Science RDRs Both
Radio Science EDRs Spirit Opportunity
Rock Abrasion Tool (RAT) Operations EDRs Spirit Opportunity
Rover Mobility Reports Spirit Opportunity
Rover Motion Counter Data Spirit Opportunity


Operations data are generated by MER Mission Operations. Science data are generated by the individual MER Payload Element Teams.

EDR means Experiment Data Record, or raw data. RDR means Reduced Data Record, or derived data.

Spirit is the first rover to arrive at Mars, also known as MER-A or MER-2.  Opportunity is the second rover, also known as MER-B or MER-1. A and B represent the rover missions in order of flight. 1 and 2 are the rover serial numbers.

For FTP access to these data sets, please read Anonymous FTP Access.


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